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Welcome and prepare for some controversial evidence by Jack Arneson.

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Apollo 15 Photo

Tsiolkovsky's Secret

International Space Station & Shuttle

Supplying Clandestine Space Programs

Circular Object

 Disk Captured In Telescope

Mining The Moon

Patents, Projects,  Existing and

Past Capabilities

Laser Green Flash On The Moon

I possibly found Lunokhod 1


LRO finds Lunokhod 1 (2010)

PDF of Article


Early Gravitic/Advanced

Craft In Lunar Orbit

Cruisin' The Moon

Ancient City Ruins?



Creatures, Craft or...?

UFO Incident

June 15, 1970

My (our) Encounter at White Sands

Also an article from a series:

"UFO's During the Vietnam War"


The Living Crater

Scanning The Moon

Telescope Videos


Misinformation & Manipulated Photos

UFO Photos and Video

Visitor Submissions

Super Moon


Lunar Anomalies

Other Anomalous Areas



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Other Projects/Fun Stuff:

1983 Mercury Capri L

Super Cobra Jet

Outlaw Trail 4X4 Tour

Pigeon Point Lighthouse


Beach St, Sunrises

.577 T-Rex Rifle

(Just for fun)


The Cyan Show


The Sahara Speaks

Google Earth Images

The Sea Beach Hotel

Santa Cruz. CA

(A surprising find in photo)

Wile E Coyote vs

Acme Products Corp

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About This Site:

My profession was industrial mechanics borne from my military service from

1967 to 1970. Two of my hobbies have always been optics and photography.

I've added computer tech to my profession as well. (My Card)


I originally started The Moon Pages just to share with the

public recordings of the Moon during ideal conditions.

I had been watching the Moon just through an eye piece

for sometime with this scope and had seen some things I wished were recorded.


Since I've had the telescope camera, focused on such a small area of the sky,

being the Moon, where the maximum scaled width through the scope is only 900 miles,

I've captured some strange things in our sky. And outside it also.

And then there are objects you would normally see in the night sky like:

satellites, aircraft, meteors and such.


Having been in the military and witness to some questionable

"aircraft" way back then whether by accident or design, (See UFO Incident)

I learned quickly all about the "need to know" directives

I was constantly reminded of by my "superiors".

I regret not attempting to be part of the intelligence divisions that were not

as difficult to get into back then, having a photography background.


I have no doubt the military has their own clandestine programs, far

more advanced than NASA's programs. Documents on this site show that.

I'm a concerned person like many of you in knowing the truth.

The more we look, the more we see. But you have to look...and not just up.


Trillions are unaccounted for that we are forced to re-pay.

And I think we all know where it's going. If you don't,

Black Projects is the answer.

So lets get some payback. Keep asking questions,

demanding answers and follow the money trail.

Or the military and corporate elite will gain control of

technology that would set us free from them.


Honestly?...I think they already have and are figuring out yet another way to snow us.

Follow the food trail too. Read my ISS section for the cargo launches to the Space Station.




This Area For Updates


Who was it that said the Moon was a gray, dull unattractive rock?

A Noel Carboni Photo


by Lt. Col. Dwayne Arneson


Californian's Supporting Arizona's Immigration Law


Citizens Against City Council Ban On Navy Ships


Rex 84, Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot






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Pegasus Research Consortium

The Living Moon


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