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Comments and Questions


This page is dedicated to lunar images that contain anomalous shapes and structure.

It is not a statement of fact claiming there are artificial structures on the Moon.

Just some photos I found interesting enough to raise questions.


Most web sites I've seen that have this same sort of material use low

resolution images that have been blown up so big, it creates jpeg compression artifacts,

major blurring and digital aberrations that are misidentified as artificial structures.

I try to avoid that as much as possible by using very large

tiff images (15-25Mbs) to locate questionable areas.


Also, I include the image numbers and sources so you can check them out yourself.

On tiff images larger than 1Mb, it's recommended to right click and "save as".

Some of the images were not available at the USGS site and I used the JPG versions at LPI.

Although I converted most to JPG's after enlargement which reduces these artifacts.

The USGS site has only a selected few images from Lunar Orbiter III and V so far.

Hopefully, when they finish the project, all the Lunar Orbiter photos will be available.


All original images: Courtesy USGS Astrogeology Research Program



I contacted a member of the above Astrogeology team, inquiring on when the project will be completed.

Without names, this was their response on 01/16/2009:


"Thanks for your interest in the Lunar Orbiter digitization project.
We are no longer receiving funding for this project and therefore will not be scanning
and reconstructing any more Lunar Orbiter frames.  Our original intent did not include
scanning all of the very high resolution LO data.  That endeavor would take upwards
of a decade or more.  Our funders selected the Apollo sites and other areas of general
interest they thought would be most useful to the community.

We will update our web site shortly announcing we will no longer be scanning data.
We will also provide links to projected, cartographically updated versions of all of the
released frames in the coming months."


(This means the images that are posted is all they're going to process.)

When I inquired again on who their "funders" were, I didn't get a response.


Hyginus Rilles Region

Lunar Orbiter V




5095_01.jpg (17Kbs)






5095h1_c02.jpg (22Kbs)

Nothing anomalous, just a very large boulder

that rolled down hill.

5095h1_c01.tif (490Kbs)

Two left images cropped from this section of the 24.5Mb vhr_5095_h1_raw image at above USGS link.



5124_h3 shows location within a red box,

just below middle of image.

(3.3Mbs) JPG


Closer view of location

(674Kbs) JPG

Cropped area from left image

(66Kbs) JPG

Rotated 90 clockwise for better orientation.

5124_h3 was not available in tiff format at the USGS site.

But here is the LPI source:




Numerous anomalies in this one image.

vhr_5168_h2_raw.tif  (21Mbs)

Scroll down the above page to the numbered image.


Looks like a shadow of an eagle.

(37Kb) jpg

Outcrop that looks like structures, circular and X pads.

The arrow is pointing to the top of the shadow that seems to have a smaller triangle at the very top.

Use this image for reference. Highlighted.

(1.9Mb) jpg

Not highlighted

(715Kb) jpg



I affectionately call this area "The Cemetery".

It has no less than nine crosses,

either from shadows or dark surface areas.

(257Kb) jpg

Area 2 is casting a shadow in area 1.

Possibly more structures and two more crosses.

Area 3...?

(165Kb) jpg

More rolling boulders or something else?

Larger one has a long pointed shadow that

looks like it shouldn't be able to roll. It's very reflective too. Track impressions are also very odd.

The smaller one looks more like a rock but also has a long shadow for it's size.

(220Kb) jpg


Three more tracks directly below the two

in above right image. (1.9Mb) jpg

There is actually a fourth track at the bottom.

Close-up (830Kb) jpg

This loop, above and to the right of the tracks, has the same type pattern. But it goes up-hill and loops around and heads back down-hill.

And there's quite a few structure-like areas in the surrounding terrain.

(298Kb) jpg

This loop can also be seen in the far left image and the one above this image.



Several areas from Lunar Orbiter III in vhr 3126 med raw.tif (24.6Mb) at USGS site.

Cropped section of vhr_3162_med_raw.tif

showing the location of area. (717Kb) jpg

Close-up and bright/contrast/color highlighted area for reference.

The white dashed line, horizontally through the middle of the image, is the transmission scan line where the strips were joined.

(97Kb) jpg

Cropped and enlarged only.

(30Kb) jpg


Area outside the crater. (178Kb) jpg

There are numerous other areas in this image that I didn't highlight because it's a tedious effort.

(67Kb) jpg

Not highlighted

The "structure" in the crater. (470Kb) jpg


Possible mining operation

Highlighted (293Kbs) jpg

Not Highlighted (90Kb) jpg


Another area in front of the crater.

(125Kb) jpg

Area also in front of crater.

(550Kb) jpg

Enlarged area of box in left image.

(31Kb) jpg


(154Kb) jpg


(87Kb) jpg

Looks like tunnels or horizontal shafts.

Possible structures left of shafts.

(108Kb) jpg


Bright/contrast adjustment of the

surrounding area from the above right image.

(192Kb) jpg



vhr 3215 med raw.tif (18.5Mb) at USGS site


It looks like this shadow is of a

large rock out-crop, from the right edge of the channel.

If there isn't any atmosphere, why does it look like wind and water erosion shaped the base?

(108Kb) jpg

Location of shadow.


JPG full version (5.2Mb) from LPI.

What's odd about this shadow is, out of all the many miles of channels, this  is the only out-crop on the edge.


The above shadow reminds me of the WWII observation and ranging

lookout bunkers located on our coast at Devils Slide.

Notice it has the same erosion features at it's base.

North side. (1.5Mb) jpg

3215 Rotated

South side. (2Mb) jpg





Apollo 10 Sphere

This can't be ice from the LM craft as the thrusters

would have projected it down, towards the surface.

The object also comes into view in front of the CSM,

then passes at a pretty good rate of speed

from what looks like a fair distance under the craft.

The audio is also missing from this visual sighting.





Download Apollo 10 Sphere (4.8Mbs) WMV



There is an object at 1 minute and 51 seconds outside the

Shenzhou 8 spacecraft launched Tuesday Nov. 1, 2011.

It is possible it is one of the straps holding the main

fuel tank but it is very close to the craft.







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