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Site Administrator's Photos: Santa Cruz, CA, 11/04/2007 10:13am

Here are the best of about 10 photos I took with my Nikon D-70 Digital SLR from my backyard.

After several exposures in auto-mode (which focused on the clouds only),

I switched the camera to manual focus and could see the objects more clearly.

(three below photos)


This is the leading-edge of a storm front that was coming.

As I watched the clouds getting nearer, I noticed a bunch of white spheres

flittering about, in and out of the leading edge of the clouds. I ran into the house and grabbed

my camera which is equipped with a 70-300mm telephoto lens and captured these images:


(853Kb) jpg

(833Kb) jpg

(914Kb) jpg


The spheres were at different altitudes and traveling at different speeds, making impossible maneuvers

for any conventional aircraft to accomplish. They were lining-up in front of the cloud's edge before getting

a "running start" when entering the clouds, gaining speed very fast in a short distance.

Sometimes one at a time, sometimes several at once, like they were competing.

Then emerge slowly through the top of the clouds and back over the front edge.

And then go through the process again.


I observed this for about 5 minutes and then they entered the clouds and didn't emerge.

Altitude was much to high for our seagulls and I can distinguish birds from animate objects.

These were definitely round and didn't have wings.

Judging from the altitude, I would guess their size to be between 2-3 meters in diameter.



LIDAR graph showing cloud-ceiling height in kilometers on 11/04/2007,

Santa Cruz, CA when I took these photos at 10:13-15am.

At 10am, ceiling was about 1 kilometer.




This is an interesting find in 1984.

(Submitted by webmaster)

Story: Huntsville Sphere

(41Kbs) pdf 3 pages




The below photos were taken on 02/19/2007.

Submitted by site Administrator.

The first one at 7:00:39pm (3 second time exposure).

The second one right after that at 7:00:47, with another 3 second exposure.

Taken with Nikon D-70 Digital SLR. Focal length: 95mm.

Camera on tripod and used a wireless remote to take exposure.

Details below the photos.


(288Kbs) jpg

Close-up (75Kbs) jpg

(272Kbs) jpg

Close-up (239Kbs) jpg


(1.7Mbs) jpg

(1.8Mbs) jpg

These two are full res with contrast and bright adjustments only.

The green crescent at the bottom is internal lens reflection from the Moon.

There's another smaller reflection near the Moon at the five o'clock position.

I didn't notice this at the time I took the photos.


Since these are three second exposures, this could be an airliner at a great distance.

At least fifty miles out. (SFO is about this distance from me and in the correct direction).

The flight would be heading to Hawaii.

I've seen other time exposures of closer planes and they do leave a

trail because of the strobes on them. And there seems to be a consistent bright area,

equally spaced as if a strobe flashed.


But I have a problem with this. There are five bright areas in the first close-up.

That would mean the strobe flashed five times in three seconds. All airliner strobes flash once every second.

Some, once every two seconds. Red strobes are on the tail or stabilizer and under the fuselage.


This object is moving from right to left. So why can't we see one of the wing-tip strobes?

We should be able to see a blue or blue-green strobe on the left wing.

Also, the wing strobes flash at different intervals from the tail strobe.





Taken on August 2, 2008. Camera: Fuji FinePix A510. Focal Length: 6.4mm

Submitted by Dirk Kipper (Germany)

Note: Dirk mistakenly put 2009 on the photo.

I am writing to you from Germany.
In the last year I had the privilege to witness a real UFO flyover directly over our house!
Some sort of glowing orb had risen from the forest near our house. It was perhaps 5 miles away from us or so. It started upwards and it looked like a flare but it didn't come down. Furthermore it changed its flight path and came closer, heading towards us.
Then it flew directly over our house! Incredible but true. When I realized that it was a UFO, I immediately ran to grab my Digicam from another room and I took 10 pictures. The pictures Iím sending to you haven't been released yet and if you like it, you can use them for your web site.

                                                                                                                                                                         (398Kbs) jpg

When it flew over our house, I heard nothing. My wife who was beside me also was really impressed. We both watched it for perhaps a minute or so. When the UFO was directly over our house, we heard no noise. Nothing..., it was completely silent. But there was some kind of glow around it. I saw some sort of glowing particles around the UFO.
It looked liked highly charged particles were captured in some sort of force field. Bending and it looked like a reddish glow but on the photo you cannot see it, just the glow. It was a really amazing sight!
The particles looked like a kind of electric charged plasma which moved slowly around the orb. I have never seen such a thing before. It was really an incredible sight and I am glad to have gotten some pictures of this event to prove it.
On the other side of our house lies the "Frankfurter Kreuz". The UFO flew directly over it, heading towards Frankfurt am Main. Then over the Frankfurter Cross, it moved upwards and disappeared in some clouds.
A week later I spoke with a friend of mine. He and his friend who accompanied him that night saw it also. My wife saw it and also more people in our region saw it too.
Directly here (3 miles away) is Rhein Main Airport. I am absolutely sure that inbound flight crew has seen this UFO also. Therefore I have imprinted the date and correct time when this incident occurred. At this time, many flights are incoming and they have seen it.
If you have further questions, any comments, whatever, then feel to contact me. I will share all information I have to offer.

My Best,

Dirk Kipper    http://www.dirkkipper.de/





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